Business-to-business marketing has been challenged to consider the “C.” While B2B2 Customer trends have challenged marketers, one truth remains: consumers’ need for information about their products impacts supply chain decisions. Marketers who move beyond simply integrating buzzwords into their labels and instead transform their brands with a strategic understanding of consumer thinking are going to bring the most positive change to their companies. For example, consumers want food that is safe, made naturally and maybe even locally. They want household goods that are free from the chemicals outlined in an evening news exposé. Brands are affected by these demands at every step of the supply chain. How a brand handles this disruption will affect its success.

In this presentation, Bader Rutter’s Jeff Young will help marketers understand why they are best positioned to advocate for a voice-of-consumer approach in business-to-business marketing and what steps they, as well as communicators, can take to adapt to the challenges their businesses face.

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Jeff Young

Jeff Young
Bader Rutter

Jeff Young is responsible for the operations of Bader Rutter (BR), where he focuses on growing the agency’s offerings and fostering a dynamic work environment for employees. He’s been with BR for more than 24 years, starting as a public relations writer and moving on to management roles in PR and account management. Follow BR on Twitter at @bader_rutter.

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