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BMA Milwaukee could not exist without its team of volunteers.

Whether on a committee or on the Board of Directors, each team member contributes a great deal to our vibrant networking and education opportunities.

Board Members meet on a monthly basis and set the strategic direction for BMA Milwaukee each year. Each board member oversees/chairs an area of the organization, including Membership, Programs, Special Events, Sponsorships and more.

Committee members help each Board Chair accomplish the strategic objectives set forth for the season.

Current Board Openings

Board Treasurer

The Board Treasurer shall cause regular books of account to be kept, and shall render to the Board of Directors, from time to time as may be required, an account of the financial condition of the BMA Milwaukee organization, shall deliver reports at the monthly meeting, and shall perform all other duties properly required of the Treasurer by the Board of Directors.


  • Financial knowledge of the BMA Milwaukee organization.
  • Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of Treasurer
  • Understanding of financial accounting for non-profit organizations
  • Develop and manage BMA Milwaukee’s annual operating budget
  • Work with board members to assure they are meeting budget goals (assess specific areas of concern or areas of extra income)
  • Review and make recommendations for tax preparation provider
  • Submit financial reports and statements to tax account for filing
  • Review income and expenses at annual audit to ensure operating budget is properly aligned
  • Review and make recommendations in regards to investments
  • Serves as Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Works with the Finance Committee and the Executive Director to develop long-term financial strategies.

Current Committee Openings

Every committee has a board chair who supervises the group, manages the budget, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Each committee has many different positions and subcommittees within it that report to the chair. You must be a current BMA member to join a committee.

Director of Chapter Development

This role helps promote valuable recognition and sponsorship opportunities within BMA Milwaukee to local organizations. The mission is to develop, plan, implement, and manage the BMA Milwaukee Chapter Sponsorship Program. This person reaches out to prospective sponsors, manages the details of the agreement, and supports the relationship throughout the season.

Working closely with the Membership, Communications, and Programs Committees, we seek someone with excellent communication and networking skills. The ideal person has professional connections with business leaders or those who are open to networking and are willing to promote the value of BMA Sponsorship to business leaders in Southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Raise funds for the chapter’s yearly scheduled events
  • Prospect for new sponsoring organizations in order to reach the chapter’s financial goals
  • Create effective recognition for sponsors to show value in partnering with BMA Milwaukee Chapter
  • Be a resource to Chapter sponsors throughout the year
  • Provide excellent customer service to retain the organization’s sponsorship for the future
  • Provide value to Membership by helping to support the overall mission of the Chapter’s programs and services through sponsorship

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees strategy and execution of the BMA community awareness for the organization, our events and programs, membership, and all things BMA outside the website. The Communications Director coordinates all BMA Milwaukee communications internally and externally in order to best present and promote the organization, and to help the board run smoothly and efficiently.

Sub-committees include:

  • Content Operations
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Website

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps ensure that marketing and communications professionals and their employers are aware of the benefits of BMA Milwaukee membership.

Sub-committees of Membership include:

  • Corporate Membership
  • Young Professionals
  • Individual Communications with Members
  • Member Engagement
  • Member Directory

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee plans and coordinates the Keynote Program dinner and lunch series, Morning Workshops, and all special event programs.

Sub-committees of Programs include:

  • Keynote Program Dinner and Lunch Series
  • Morning Workshops
  • Event Logistics Management

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee oversees the production of three signature events that elevate the perception of BMA Milwaukee as a quality professional organization. The Director and committee members leverage the annual Bell Awards event as the Chapter’s primary fundraising event and hold the BMA Milwaukee Holiday Party.

Sub-committees of Special Events include:

  • Event Coordinator
  • Sponsorship
  • Silent Auction
  • Communications
  • Judges Coordinator
  • Entry Coordinator

Young Professionals Committee

The goal of the Young Professionals Committee is to create and facilitate a quality program for young marketing professionals in Southeastern Wisconsin that helps with transition into professional marketing careers.

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